History and Thought Process Behind BananaKlip

History and Thought Process Behind BananaKlip

History and Thought Process Behind BananaKlip

BananaKlip -"Its more than just a design, its the concept behind the design to keep in the back of your mind."

So the story goes, the conceptual name behind BananaKlip was founded by simply watching the television show, Wheel-of-Fortune. The category was ammunition, and the answer ended up being 'banana clip'. For the record, I solved the puzzle 3 spins before the winning contestant got it right on the show. Just saying:)

I was convinced that the word 'banana clip', was a statement-making name in its own, and would make for an even better domain name. I went directly to Go-Daddy and sought out to purchase the .com domain 'banana clip'. To my dismay, it was a parked site, and the owner was asking $21k for the rights to the URL. Kudos to anyone who is willing to spend $21k on a website domain, because that isn't in my budget. Never the less, that wracked my brain even more. I caught myself construing other unique/fun name(s) for domains. Then the obvious just dawned on me, why not bananaklip? I'll configure the "K" forming a banana with 2 clips from an automatic rifle. I'm sitting there thinking, is it that simple? Why hasn't someone thought of this before? At that point, I dropped everything I was doing, and went and purchased the domain you are currently visiting.

At this point, I didn't know what to do with the $12 domain I just purchased. I had the name, with a logo intertwined into it, and had no concept of what I wanted to build. After a day or so of mulling over it, it came to me that I should just create a portfolio of some graphic design work that I have done for showcasing purposes.

So I decided to put my own twist on it and create an apparel line that is bold, yet trendy. I had a few contacts in the screen printing industry and pitched my concept to them and the rest is the present. Reason being, it just didn't make much sense for me to put a portfolio together with all of my digital files for the public to download and use at their leisure. Any ding dong can figure out how to remove a watermark from an image. It will take a total recreation of a design for anyone to copy my work off of a mock-up model.

These designs may or may not be to your liking, and that is okay. Banana Klip is not geared towards baby boomers or corporate America. So, if you find yourself in a tiff about anything you may find offensive, just buy a shirt for your grandchildren. They will think you are so cool in buying that for them. Banana Klip designs are geared towards trendsetting millennials. Every design is literally like a limited edition baseball card. I have a lot of pride in the product I put out, so I only lay my design on the finest of threads.

I despise wearing tee-shirts that feel like cardboard and are cheap like, 'public school toilet paper'. If you like any of the design concepts, you'll fall in love with it even more with the shirts that I print on. I guarantee it. I have struck a deal with the company on the west coast and we are turning ideas into reality. With that being said, welcome to BananaKlip. If something inspires you, I feel I have done my job.