Hidden Secrets Within Forrest Gump

Greenbow Braves - Forrest Gump High School

Do you know where Forrest went to High School?

Greenbow Braves

We all know Forrest went to Alabama, but where did he play high school football? It is relevant that Forrest went to high school from the scene where he is seen walking with his beloved Jenny, then some punks bullies give chase to him in their pick-up truck. Granite it is a movie, so the directors can't clear up everything. With that being said, what exactly happened after Coach Bryant saw Gump sprinting through the high school practice while being chased. It's pretty much a given that Forrest had to have played high school ball at least one year. Reason being, any division 1 coach wouldn't give a genius like Forrest an athletic scholarship without seeing him play first. I think we all can agree that Forrest wasn't given an academic scholarship, much less be accepted to a major University like Alabama.

Going back to the scene of Forrest being chased, you will see for a split second the name of Forrest's high school. Low and behold, the Greenbow Braves painted underneath the tiny press box at the field. So that settles that, but what position did Forrest play in High School?


Given the coaching staff had zero faith in Forrest, mainly because he was known as the town idiot. He was set up for failure, as he first started out at Middle Linebacker. Much like the Waterboy, Bobby Boucher. Forrest would run into people with no fear and no sense at all. However, his lateral movement.....ehhhh, just imagine Forrest trying to do the ladder drill. Needless to say, Coach Bryant, saw what he needed to see to gift him an athletic scholarship to the University of Alabama. It was at that time we all know that Forrest went on to be an All American for the Crimson Tide.


Now imagine the scene when Forrest graduates from college. Recall when the army recruiter approached Forrest and asks, 'Have you given any thought to your future?.' Forrest replies simply with the word, 'thought'.

Common sense says any All American football player would have gone on to the NFL, but ol Forrest's train of 'thought'; was just a bit different than most.

It’s unclear whether Forrest played a position other than kick returner for the Crimson Tide, but he was the best in the nation at returning kicks; that much is clear.

Forrest’s football prowess, unfortunately, ended after college, as he traded in the shoulder pads for an M16 to mow down 'this guy named Charlie' on the battlefield.

He put country before football because Forrest is a damn fine American. What if he entered the NFL Draft? What kind of prospect would he be? What kind of numbers would he put up at the combine? Which round would he go in? What position would he play?

I’ve got the answers.

The NFL Combine

Forrest set the NFL Combine record in the 40-yard dash–currently held by Bo Jackson with a non-laser time of 4.12–with a mind-bending 4.01. This makes him the fastest football player in history, even to this day.

Forrest proved to be more of a straight-line speed guy, as agility drills got the best of him. Hindered by a childhood affliction known simply as “crooked spine,” Gump meandered his way through the three-cone drill like an old man strolling to his curbside mailbox.

Gump clocked a 9.1 in the three-cone, put up 225 pounds just twice on the bench press, and recorded a 26-inch vertical. Again, the low vertical was on account of the crooked spine affliction.


Gump tested through the roof on intangibles. As evidenced by his steadfast dedication to his military brethren, Forrest is a loyal comrade. Potential to be an outstanding locker room guy, he’s very much the lead-by-example type, who teammates look to for inspiration. He speaks with his actions, not his words. Actually, he doesn’t do much speaking at all.

Grasping the playbook would probably be too much for him to handle, however. We’ll get to that soon in the “Wonderlic Test” portion.

His incredible, God-like physical condition deserves some mention, too. Forrest ran across the United States an astonishing three and a half times, drawing a herd of inspired followers, only stopping to eat and sleep. He ran for no reason at all. Just felt like running.

Wonderlic Test

Forrest’s agent filed a special exemption to place him out of the Wonderlic Test, citing an undiagnosed learning disability that we later came to find out was a tinge of autism. It was accepted by the NFL front office. Therefore, Forrest never recorded a Wonderlic score.


Being essentially a straight speed guy with poor lateral movement, the inability to turn his hips, the lack of cognizance in diagnosing plays and reacting to them, a severe reading comprehension problem, and the fact that he has a rather delicate frame, Forrest is best suited as a kick returner and occasional deep threat at wide receiver. He also has a gentle disposition, ruling out the defensive side of the ball altogether.

Final Grade

Forrest would be slated for the later rounds of the draft. Mel Kiper slated Gump would most likely be drafted by the Cleveland Browns or New York Jets---because those 2 organizations draft worse than any other teams in the league. Forrest is projected to return kicks and see minimal snaps at wide receiver. He isn't projected to have a lengthy career in the NFL.

May Angels Lead You In; Bird

 "May angels lead you in"


The Greenbow Braves shirt is made for all Forrest Gump Fanatics, however, the inspiration of the shirt came from a little birdy that came to me in my 'thought'.